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Call Automations: Overview

Call Automations are technologies that interact with your customers ​or employees reach a common goal quickly. This saves you time and money. 

Welcome Menu™: A Welcome Menu is a welcome greeting and the first impression your customers will experience when they call your business - a gateway into your business. The Welcome Menu functions as a confirmation that your caller has reached the right business, can provide your business information, weeds out robocalls, and interacts with the caller to direct them to the department or individual they want to reach. When Telespex professionally creates a Welcome Menu, it will project a professional impression upon your customers, giving them the confidence to conduct business with you. 

You may want to consider to use a single Welcome Menu for both during business hours and when you're closed, or two different Welcome Menus. 

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System Requirements:

  • Exclusively for TELESPEX Business Phone System customers


  • Free

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