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Business Phone Systems


Let us create a custom turnkey solution for you.

4 Things to Consider

When Choosing Your

Business Phone System
 Your business phone systems is the bedrock of modern unified communications and

to your success. So, where better to look than TELESPEX, an industry leader for over 18 years.

Did you know outdated on-premise phone systems are draining you and your wallet? They weigh down resources, valuable space, need cooling, electricity, require constant maintenance, costly upgrades, and hard-to-get support is provided in accents hard to understand. 

1. Where do your employees work?
Trick question! The world can be your office when you switch to TELESPEX, so one thing to consider is if you’ve wanted to enlist a new work-from-home or flexible office. With your advanced business phone system in the cloud, you and your team can work from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

2. What features will you need for best function and impression?
Over 100 Master Features are already included with TELESPEX system. To manage this sea of options start by thinking about your callers and how you want them to experience your company - first impression is everything. If you can do that, we'll build your dream system to your spex for free!

3. Cost Consideration
Telespex is upfront with pricing available on our website. But always call to see if there are promotions member pricing discounts, such for Costco, Sams Club, AAA, or Amazon members. You never know what you'll come across. 

4. What hardware will I need to get started?
Our carefully selected, easy-to-use, and highly rated VoIP phones are the only devices you'll need on site. We take care of the System and programming in our data-centers, thus eliminating any-and-all learning curves and guess work. Simply call us and we'll make the programming changes for you - always free! 


Bonus 5. Where is TELESPEX Operated from?
Unlike most of our competition, who heavenly outsource their service centers and employees to China and India, TELESPEX will always maintain its facilities and employees in the US. 

A technology trusted by millions of businesses Nationwide

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Your service payments support


and other non-profits in our Nation.

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