Welcome Menu

enhanced with

Text Respond, ClickNav,

Robocall Crusher

- Welcome Menu

Before your phones ring, have a

Welcome Menu 'welcome' your customers.

- Text Respond

When your Welcome Menu is enhanced with TextRespond it can send answers to commonly asked questions via text message.

- ClickNav

ClickNav technology converts addresses sent by TextRespond into

clickable GPS-Ready links. Simply clicking on the address within the TextRespond message will start the navigation to your address. 

- Robocall Crusher

Eliminates 100% of Robocalls. 

Use TextRespond for:

  • Business Hours and Address

  • Contact info (email address/phone number)

  • Link to your online Ordering Menu

  • Link to your online Products

  • Link to your Payment Page

  • Link to your online Application

  • Link to your online User Portal

  • Link to your videos (tutorials, products)

Try TextRespond: 1(800) 587-9970

Text Sample.png
Text Sample 2.png