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Call Automations: Overview

Call Automations are technologies that interact with your customers ​or employees reach a common goal quickly. This saves you time and money.

PA Blaster™:

The PA Blaster option allows authorized users to make announcements from ANY phone, not just TELESPEX phones. Yes, that's right! PA Blaster works with any cell-phones, works with non-iOS non-Android based phones, and can even work with phone that isn't yours. The PA Blaster is an amazing tool used by schools all around the US and allows school staff that are outside to make announcements from their cell-phones. This is specially crucial for Code Red events where every second counts. It is also used in warehouses, car lots, factories...etc. 

Related features: Unified PA Systems, TouchBlaster

System Requirements:

  • Exclusively for TELESPEX Business Phone System customers


  • $14.99/month

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