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Call Automations: Overview

Call Automations are technologies that interact with your customers ​or employees reach a common goal quickly. This saves you time and money.

Call Center Queues / Call Queue Manager:

A Call Queue is a way for the phone system to automatically put your callers on hold, in a waiting room, if no agents are available to assist them. Once an agents becomes available the callers are delivered to the agents in the order the callers came in. A well configured Call Queue can be a vital part of some businesses with high call volumes. As your Telespex Account Manager if a Call Queue is right for you.

System Requirements:

  • Exclusively for TELESPEX Business Phone System customers


  • $14.99/Call Queue per a 10-minute wait limit

  • $14.99/each additional 10-minute 

  • $149.99/month Call Queue Manager™: Online reporting system

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