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Combine Your Communications Hardware

and Phone Services into an All-In-One Hosted Solution.

Telespex is a cloud-based PBX phone system that combines traditional PBX Hardware and Phone Services into a single hosted solutions. It offers all the advanced features of an enterprise PBX system, plus options only available with Telespex hosted VoIP solution. 

$0 Install and $0 Maintenance Costs*

Always-Free Maintenance, Programming, and Support



Included Features:

  · Multi-Campus/Multi-School & Multi-Phone Number phone systems

  · Free TELESPEX entry-level phones with Annual Plan

  · VoIP phone lines with unlimited nationwide calling 

  · Individual extensions & voicemail boxes

  · Menus, Ring Groups, Day/Night call-routing schedule

  · Integrated Paging (PA) system through phones 

  · One point of contact to a dedicated account manager

  · Always-free maintenance, support, and programming


Premium Features:

  · Upgrade to advanced phones

  · Electronic Faxing

  · Unified PA™ Integrates with existing PA (loudspeaker) systems 

  · AtomBell™ Automatic/Manual school bell system

SafeMir: A group of Safety Focused Options

  · Unified PA™ Integrates with existing PA (loudspeaker) systems 

  · Daily and OnDemand Device Reports

  · Plus911™ Notifies admins when a phone dials 911

  · PA Blaster™ Emergency PA announcing via any cell-phone

    and one-touch pre-recorded emergency announcements

  · TouchBlaster™ One-Touch Pre-recorded announcements

E-Rate 498 ID: 143049401

Classification: Category 1 

FCC ID: 0025628504

 *No installation required when phone and devices are connected to existing network and Ethernet jacks; No phone-system to purchase;    

   free Telespex Entry Level phones included;  Annual Service required; Terms & Conditions apply; Contact TELESPEX for more information.

Advanced Features that are Budget Friendly

Advanced Phone systems aren't just for businesses. TELESPEX For Schools automates an entire world of communication features. Whether you're a teacher, an administrator, an IT staff member, or a parent, TELESPEX unifies communications and offers benefits specific to every school member.

PA Blaster


- Use the PA Blaster for regular announcements from any mobile phone or school phone.


When a school phone dials 911:

- The Phone System sends an email with critical call information.



- Automatically plays a bell tone or announcement over the Phones and the PA system on a predefined weekly schedule.

- Multiple schedules with unique tones or recordings can be configured.

- Schedule can be Turned ON/OFF



- Trigger a pre-recorded

PA announcement, such as a code-red, with a push of a button. 

- Manually play bell tone by pressing a designated button on specified phones.

Unified PA

- Seamlessly integrate your phones, bell, intercom, and paging systems. 

- Integrates with existing PA (loudspeaker) system equipment using a PA Controller.

- Configure multi-zone and/or groups

Please Note: Telespex does not provide Loudspeaker PA Equipment. Multi-zone and Groups paging through existing loudspeaker system is limited to the number of PA Controllers that can be installed onto the existing PA equipment.

Daily Device Reports

- Telespex automatically sends a daily report of any phone or device that is offline. This allows local staff to attend to those device, ensuring operability of those devices.

TELESPEX for the Budget:   

  • Avoid 100% of hidden costs associated with system maintenance, upgrades, moves and changes

       Subsidized by TELESPEX

  • Gain advanced features not available with other in-house or hosted phone systems

  • Substantially and instantly lowers school telecom expenses , even without E-Rate, with 

       cost savings of up to 65% or more, and up to 91% when premium features are calculated in. 

  • TELESPEX is compliant with the Federal E-Rate Program for Hosted Voice Lines, Fax Lines, & Phone Connections

        E-Rate Certified ID 143049401 Category-1 (The Federal E-RATE program has ended)


TELESPEX for Teachers and Staff

  • Mobile flexibility allows school staff to easily receive calls on their mobile phones or transition calls from their desk phones to their mobile phones

  • Each extension is given a dedicated voicemail box

  • Plus911 equips Teachers and Staff for emergencies

TELESPEX for Administrators

  • Free-up time and increase efficiency by automating absentee and other parental notifications with Whiteboard Connect

  • Easily create custom greetings and messages to enhance your school's professional image




  • TELESPEX is 100% cloud-based and required no maintenance

  • Always-free programming, configuration and support are included with your services. Freeing up IT Staff to focus on other tasks.

  • All standard features are included with TELESPEX, Premium Features can be added anytime. 

TELESPEX For Schools and Libraries - Cost

An annual service payment plan is required which include the Phone Lines with Unlimited Nationwide Calling, the Hosted TELESPEX Phone System, Maintenance, Support, and Unlimited Configuration changes made by our expert technicians. 

The number of Phones, Devices, Options and Phone Numbers will determine the cost of the annual plan. 

Up to 50% of the annual plan costs are recovered by the E-Rate program. (E-Rate has ended)


TELESPEX Data-Centers and Infrastructure

The phone-systems and phone-lines are housed in specialized data-centers across the US and

are monitored and maintained 24/7 by our elite team of experts. 


TELESPEX data-centers are fortresses of technology. They are equipped with over 17 

Internet Service Providers on which the load of the communications are shared. Massive 

battery backup systems and diesel generators ensure a continues stream of conditioned power.




What's Included

Purchase your phones and leave the rest to us:

VoIP Phone Lines with Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Every Phone-System includes Unlimited Nationwide Calling phone lines. Existing phone

numbers are ported to TELESPEX to eliminate the phone bill from the local phone company. 

Phone-System Features

All standard features are included with each phone-system.

Standard Features include Individual Extension Numbers, Individual Voicemails, Music-on-Hold, Ring Groups, Menus, Announcements, PA System through phones and much more. 

Built-in Phone PA System

All phones are capable of PA Announcements. The PA system can be accessed by

dialing a 4-digit code, or on upgraded phones they can be programmed as a shortcut key.

Phones capable of shortcut keys are:  T21P, T27G, T29G, T46S model phones. 

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated Account Manager will handle all aspects of the phone system, including the billing. Your

AM is your direct and personal contact. 

Always-free Support, Programming, and Configuration

Modern phone systems are very complicated. That's why we maintain all phone systems regularly for optimum performance. All Customizations and Configurations are also conducted by our elite team of experts and are always-free.  No programming or configuration is required by any school staff. 

Premium Features

Upgraded Phones

Many types of phones are available depending on your staff-specific needs.
Common phone upgrades include the T27G and the T46S, sometimes with

an Expansion Module. Other phone upgrades include WiFi Equipped phones

that don't need ethernet cables to function. 


Plus911 will call and email a predefined group of user, such as the school admins,  to inform them when someone in your school dials 911. It's about saving lives: 1) When 911 responders arrive at the front desk your front desk can send them to the right building and room 2) Your school staff can respond even before emergency responders arrive, potentially saving lives.

Unified PA™ 

Integrates with existing Single Zone or Multi-Zone PA (Loudspeaker) System, and with PA through phones. 

PA Blaster™ Emergency PA Paging via Mobile Phone

Equip your staff with the right tools by allowing your staff speed-dial directly into the PA system using their mobile phones.  No need to run to a school phone in an emergency.  

AtomBell™ -  Atomically Precise School Bell System

AtomBell is an automated school bell system. With its modern bell tone it gently reminds staff and students when classes are in session and when classes are dismissed.  The bell tone can be played through the phones and/or through Unified PA. For accuracy, AtomBell automatically calibrates its clock with the Atomic Clock at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Whiteboard Connect™ 

Whiteboard connect serves has two functions:

1) It is an automated system that notifies parents when their child is absent. Whiteboard Connect must integrate with an existing attendance systems - in-house or cloud-based. A report is sent daily to the school administrators with important notification results, including missing or incomplete phone numbers and other crucial information.

2) It is an announcement deliver system. In case of an emergency or for an important announcement a custom voice message can be composted and sent to all parents within 18 minutes.

Electronic Fax

Electronic Fax allows staff to simultaneously use a single fax number to send and receive faxes through the web-based user portal. 

Contact Us: (800) 913-6650

E-Rate 498 ID: 143049401

FCC ID: 0025628504

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