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Business & Gov Sales/Support Centers:

Soliciting is strictly prohibited. 

Nationwide:          (800) 913-6650

San Jose, CA:         (408) 737-1000

Reno, NV:              (775) 380-1010

San Antonio, TX:  (210) 764-4440

Tallahassee, FL:    (850) 940-5200

New  York, NY:      (332) 330-4040

Minneapolis, MN: (612) 315-6650

Residential Sales/Support Center:

Soliciting is strictly prohibited. 

Nationwide: (800) 737-4420

TELESPEX Corporate:

Soliciting is strictly prohibited. 

Correspondence: (877) 877-8307


1760-F Airline Hwy

Ste: 143

Hollister, CA 95023


TELESPEX Accreditations:

Established in 2006

FCC Registered Operator ID: 0025628504C

Federal E-Rate 498 ID: 143049401 Class 1

Federal NAICS ID: 517311 and 517312

Dun & Bradstreet Analysis: 080278198
Surpassed Federal STIR/SHAKEN Guidelines and Requirements

What is Telespex and what does Telespex do?

Founded in 2006, TELESPEX is the leading American-based business communication service provider. The company specializes in providing all-in-one managed telecom solutions to businesses, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, phones, and phone lines.

TELESPEX differentiates itself by actively managing their customer's systems, which includes making adds, moves, and changes as the customer's business evolves, allowing the customer to focus on their business. 

- Telespex was founded in 2006. 

- Telespex is an American provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration services.

- As of 2024, TELESPEX has over 100,000 customers across the US.

- Between 2006 and 2023 the company processed over 5.2 billion calls.

In addition to mobility, Telespex offers advanced and unique features, a higher level of customization, and significant cost savings compared to traditional phone lines and to other VoIP providers.

Telespex understands that most businesses, no matter their size, do not have resources to plan a full scale  telecom migration. So, Telespex provides an account manager who is the customer's dedicated migration planner, and manages the phone number porting, follows up with ongoing programming, maintenance, and support for the life of the account - always for free! You get the phones, and your dedicated account manager takes care of the rest. 

What does TELESPEX Mean?

Tele  means future or far.
Spex means to see or to predict

Telespex means to see the future

Variations include: TeleSpecs

How Does TELESPEX VoIP Service Work?

All phone companies, even cellular companies, use VoIP today. It is a proven and reliable technology. 


VoIP converts your voice (audio) into secure IP data packets and streams them over the internet,  where it's received by the recipient's carrier and converted back to audio. Similar to what your smartphone does when you're using Facetime. IP Phones are mini-computers, and as long as they're connected to the internet they work.

TELESPEX Network Requirements

The quality of your existing Internet connection is a factor when establishing consistent and reliable service. VoIP is a live streaming service and thus requires a healthy internet connection to function well. 

The health of your network has everything to do with your call quality. Computer viruses, failing network switches and routers, or degraded internet connections and outages will affect your call quality. So, it's your responsibility to maintain a healthy network for the best audio performance.

As for internet speeds, each VoIP phone requires a reliable 75Kbps (~0.075 Mbps) connection speed. If in doubt, we can perform a simple test to determine if your bandwidth strength can support our technology. Please get in touch with us for a network test. 

TELESPEX: Designed For Business

  • 99.99% Network Reliability and Guaranteed Uptime

  • No Contracts

  • Monthly or Yearly Pricing Structure

  • Scalability (Can scale plans and add-ons up or down according to current/future needs)

  • Security and Privacy (SOC II Type 2, HIPAA, GDPR Compliance, E2EE, 2FA, etc.)

  • Over 100 Features Included: Welcome Menu (IVR), Ring Groups, Individual User Extensions & Voicemails, Day/Night Call Routing, and much more

  • Available Integrations (Works with existing third-party business software and PA Systems)

How Does TELESPEX Save You Money?

TELESPEX services can save 49-69% on monthly telephone costs by:

  • Eliminate the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware

  • Cut costs of in-house IT teams and on-site service calls

  • Use existing wiring and WiFi to connect

  • Reduce high costs of long-distance phone calls with Unlimited US/Canada Calling

  • Eliminate initial setup, configuration, and installation costs

  • Hundreds of free calling features are included

  • Paperless billing and faxing saves time, ink, and paper

Additional Benefits of Telespex Business:

In addition to the savings mentioned above, TELESPEX offers numerous benefits to SMBs and Enterprise-level companies. Top Business VoIP benefits include:

  • Quickly get in direct contact with your account manager for all your config and support needs 

  • More team mobility and flexibility (ideal for remote/blended teams)

  • Improved team productivity and a balanced workload

  • Streamlined business processes thanks to AI and Call Automation (Welcome Menu, TextRespond, ReadyEx, Waitlist Pager System, Calenoid, and mroe!)

  • Increased customer satisfaction and decreased employee turnover

  • Detailed insight into agents, departments, and overall call center activity via analytics*

  • Higher levels of customization and personalization

  • 24/7/365 network monitoring

  • Real-time network status updates

  • Carrier-grade/Tier 1 data centers used for reliability

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