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Customers are encouraged to record their own 

recordings, greetings and messages - it's free!

Professional Recording Services Available
Feeling uncomfortable with your voice?    Give us your script and leave the recording to us.

Custom Recordings

Menus, Announcements

Voicemail Greetings

and more.



wordcount by MS Word

Custom Music-on-Hold:

call for pricing

All recordings and music files are licensed for use exclusively on TELESPEX system and cannot be exported or download for use on other systems. All work is proofed by the customer with 100% satisfaction guaranteed before being published and charged.

Download Free Generic Recordings
License Free - Royalty Free

CRC19RH00: COVID19-REDUCED-HOURS (wav) (mp3)


CRC19C000: COVID19-CLOSED (wav) (mp3)


CRC19C200: COVID19-CLOSED 2 (wav) (mp3)


Thank you for calling (Your Business Name)
+ one of the above recordings: $9.99
+ $1 for each additional word you add or change to the recording

CALL 1(800) 913-6650

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