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Call Automations

Call Automations are A.I. technologies that interact with your customers to reach a common goal, even when your business is closed. These automations can be simple tasks like texting your business hours and GPS-Friendly address to the caller or sending them a link to place orders, make an appointment or reservation online. Additionally, Call Automations can provide crucial information over the phone or guide the caller to the appropriate department where a live person can resolve their concerns. 

Time is Money - So, let your TELESPEX Call Automations do the work for you for free*. 


Welcome Menu
enhanced with
Text Respond, ClickNav, and
Robocall Crusher

- Welcome Menu™ -
Before your phones ring, have a Welcome Menu 'welcome' your customers. Welcome Menu is included FREE!

- Text Respond™ -
When your Welcome Menu is enhanced with TextRespond it can send the answers to commonly asked questions via text message. Things like, your Business Hours, Address, Business Contact Info, Online Ordering Link, Self Booking Link.
The possibilities are endless. TextRespond Lite is included FREE!

(Welcome Menu Required)
Try the TextRespond demo
by calling 1(800) 587-9970, then press 1
(TextRespond Lite is limited to one (1) message being sent per phone number per day)

- ClickNav™ -
ClickNav technology converts addresses sent by TextRespond into clickable shortcuts. Simply clicking on the address within the TextRespond message and your Navigation will automatically start. ClickNav is included FREE!

(Welcome Menu Required)

- Robocall Crusher™ -
A Welcome Menu eliminates 100% of Robocalls. Robocall Crusher is included FREE!

(Welcome Menu Required)

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