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Remember, If you have any questions or concerns or for any other telecom matters and billing, please feel free to contact your Telespex account manager.

1) Moved Phones: 

Throughout the last school year and summer, some phones were switched or moved between rooms, campuses and departments. So, it is critical to update the phone list for the school admins and for us to update the PA, Paging-Groups, AtomBell..etc. on the phone system.



1a) Please check each room and with each staff member to ensure they have a working phone. 

1b) Note the Extension number and the location of each phone.

1c) Make a new Excel list and include the staff member's name, extension number, location, Paging Group, and Bell Schedule Group (if more than one). Also, please add a new column if your school has more than one campus, the 10-digit Caller-ID that needs to be transmitted to the recipient when a call is made out (off-campus). 


2) AtomBell™: School Bell System (optional feature)

Task: If your school is subscribed to the AtomBell service and the bell schedule has changed, please send us the updated schedule so we may program the changes. If your bell schedule has stopped for the summer we recommend starting it before the school year begins.



3) SafeMir: Daily Extension Reports (included feature)

Your phone system emails a daily status report indicating which phones and devices are offline. 



3a) Check and ensure the offline phones/devices get back online. After fixing the offline phones, you may pull a new report by dialing: *29001#

3b) Ensure this daily email notice is received by the correct individual/s. If you have an email distribution group, be sure to update the group recipients. 


Quick Troubleshooting Tip: 

  • If you notice a group of phones went offline together, this may indicate a network equipment outage in the affected area. 

  • Be sure all phones are functioning by making test calls. Never trust the dialtone!

  • Press the [OK] button to display the IPv4 number. All phones must have an IPv4 number assigned to them by your network Router or the DHCP Server. If the IPv4 shows nothing or is a set of zeros (, the phone is not connected to the network. Ensure the ethernet cable is attached to the correct port on the phone (Internet Port), then follow the cable back to make sure it's connected to a live internet port.



4) SafeMir: PA Blaster™ (optional feature)

Task: If your school is subscribed to the PA Blaster service, be sure the correct individuals have access to the service, the proper shortcuts have been setup, and test it. 



5) SafeMir: Touch Blaster™ (optional feature)

Task: If you have one-touch pre-recorded announcement button/s setup on your phones, aptly named Touch Blaster, make sure to test them. Before testing, be sure to notify all staff, students, and parents to avoid distressed reactions and calls to 911. After testing, be sure to notify staff that testing has ended. 



6) SafeMir: PA System (included feature)

The PA System is a critical communication tool throughout your school. Your PA system may have one or more PA/Paging Groups. Through the PA System, staff can make announcement through the phones and/or PA Speakers (if available and connected). 



Test each PA/Paging Group, and make sure the appropriate speakers and phones are being activated.


7) SafeMir: Plus911™ (included feature)

Ensure 911 notices are received by the correct staff members (email recipients).



For testing, DO NOT dial 911. To test, dial 411 instead. Your phone system will send a notice just as it would if someone were to dial 911. If you have an email distribution group, be sure to update the list of recipients for these notices. 


In the event you accidentally or unintentionally dial 911, do not hang up! It's not a big deal. Just stay on the line and let the emergency responder know you dialed 911 by mistake. It's a big deal if you hang up! Emergency responders may show up at your door in full-force, especially if you're calling from a school! And remember, from the moment you dial 911 the call is recorded, even when you're on hold! 

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